About Our Company

Our firm, McMac Commissioning Services, LLC. (McMac Cx), delivers Radical Building Performance Transparency, via proven industry processes and innovative technologies, reducing project risk, cost, schedule and operation.

Our extensive building science expertise augments traditional Building Team core competencies ensuring that buildings are designed, constructed, operated and maintained to always be as healthy and efficient as possible.

For those innovators and industry leaders, our McMac Cx “Audited” solutions and services provide continuously verified and documented compliance of industry best practices and standards of care.

McMac Cx customizes the right value fit of tools and services to provide immediate, transparent, and documented benchmarking of optimized energy, water, comfort, health or productivity data goals.

McMac Cx is committed to the healthy growth of our community through advocacy, volunteering, training and outreach.

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Some of Our



From project conception to the building’s final deconstruction, McMac Cx has the personalized services to meet our customer’s needs, through independent third-party support and verification by local experts committed to our community.

Our typical services include:

“McMac Cx Monitored” – Continuous Indoor Air Quality Performance Verification (Scalable – One Room to Multiple BuildingMcMac Cx Monitored IAQ

“McMac Cx Monitored”– Optimized / Continuous / Predictive Maintenance Cx (Cloud Analytics, IoT & AI IntegrationMcMac Cx Monitored Optimization

“McMac Cx Monitored”– Measurement & Verification (Scalable Outcome AuditingMcMac Cx Monitored M&V

2015 IECC Cx (New Texas Mandatory Minimum Standard of Care)

LEED v4 Cx (Benchmark for Third-Party Verified & Audited Sustainability Goals)

Building Wellness Planning (Develop Performance Verified Health Expectations)

USGBC “Arc” Performance Platform Integration (Continuous Performance Transparency Audit of Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation and Human Experience)

Existing Building / Retro Cx (Confirm Your Current Assets’ Status)

Envelope Cx and Envelope Testing (Know Your Risk during Design and then test for Failure)

Whole Building Cx (Full Electrical, Life Safety, Integrated Systems Testing, Etc.)

ASHRAE Audits & Property Condition Assessments (Identify Baseline & Opportunities)

Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy (TX-PACE) Support (Energy Efficiency Upgrade Financing)

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