McMac Commissioning Services, LLC. (McMac Cx) is a new firm in name only. Our leadership has over twenty-five (25) years of experience in local service, community health, construction and sustainability leadership roles. Our commitment to healthy communities challenges us to apply our knowledge and skills, as we team with others, for a future where everyone might someday live, play, work, worship and learn in buildings that contribute to their positive well-being.

David MacLean – President

David.MacLean@McMacCx.net  | www.linkedin.com/in/david-maclean-54379914

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Engineering, North Carolina State University

As President, David MacLean is responsible for the direct management of our Commissioning Services, as well as client development and retention.

Mr. MacLean has a quantifiable record of developing and streamlining operations and overseeing the coordination and successful completion of key sustainability projects. Mr. MacLean partners with senior management and leadership teams to customize industry best practices and policies that drive performance and grow customer engagements.  Mr. MacLean has a proven ability to manage large projects, supporting critical operations in high stress environments and mentoring and guiding staff/clients to take ownership of proposed solutions and achieve defined objectives.

Over the last 25 plus years of Mr. MacLean has worked as the trusted partner of Owner’s, Designers, Contractors, Equipment Vendors and Local officials.  His twelve years of service, as a Commissioning Military Officer, taught him that the best plans are executed by teams focused on the objective with a clear understanding of the path and process for moving forward.  Proven policies and procedures are only as effective as the commitment to raise everyone on the team to the highest level through mentoring, education and practice.