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McMac Cx is your Gateway to Implementing World-Class Sustainable Best-Practice Designs, Processes and Technologies.

The Reality is that Higher Standards of Sustainable Care Designs, Proven Off-the-Shelf Technologies and Best Practice Processes and Policies already exist, and if adopted, would Immediately and Significantly improve the Health, Efficiency and Productivity within our Communities. The Failure to Implement these Betterments lays directly on our inability to Communicate the Full Social, Environmental and Financial Benefits they Offer.

You no longer need to be restrained or held hostage by a very narrow set of parameters that ignore the impact of these decisions on our Future.

McMac Cx provides the Modeling, Analytics, Auditing, and Performance verification needed to help Designers, Municipalities, Building and Site Developers and Building Occupants evaluate and continually validate Performance of above-minimum-code Sustainable Best Practice Alternatives that maximize the Health, Efficiency and Prosperity of the places where we Live, Learn, Work and Play.

Our Services

Our Unique Suite of Services Celebrate the Full Social, Environmental and Financial Benefits of Sustainable Best Practice Designs, Processes and Technologies.

Our Services Knock Down the Barriers to Our Best Future.

Each Service is Designed to Flow Organically through a Project’s Conceptual Beginnings, Continuously Confirm and Clarify Intent during Design, Verify Expected Construction Outcomes and Sustainably Maintain the Health, Efficiency and Productivity of the Site or Building through its Life Journey.

Our Partners

We have Chosen our Partners Very Carefully.   

Each brings a Unique Expertise, but all Share a Common Passion to Maximize Community Health Transparency, Social and Environmental Accountability and Sustainable Operational Performance.



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Our commitment to healthy communities challenges us to apply all of our knowledge and skills every day, as we team with others, for a future where everyone can live, learn, work and play in buildings that are healthy, efficient and prosperous.

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