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From Project initial Concept, through end-of-useful-life decommissioning, McMac Cx ensures the places we Live, Learn, Work and Play achieve the highest Health, Efficiency and Prosperity possible.

McMac Cx utilizes advanced People-Profit-Planet Modeling and Analysis, Cloud Based Building Data Analytics, Hands on Verification of Design and Construction expectations, and Performance Outcome Auditing via Continuous Sensor Data collection. These services and solutions provide all stakeholders access to the data and tools necessary to substantiate the immediate implementation of proven Best Practice Designs, Technologies and Processes.

By validating the Real-World value, that properly funded Property Operations Teams bring to Optimized Productivity and Health outcomes, McMac Cx ensures Design Betterment expectations are continuously exceeded throughout the Project’s full life.

Our Services

Our Unique Suite of Services Celebrate the Full Social, Environmental and Financial Benefits of Sustainable Best Practice Designs, Processes and Technologies.

Our Services Knock Down the Barriers to Our Best Future.

Each Service is Designed to Flow Organically through a Project’s Conceptual Beginnings, Continuously Confirm and Clarify Intent during Design, Verify Expected Construction Outcomes and Sustainably Maintain the Health, Efficiency and Productivity of the Site or Building through its Life Journey.

Our Partners

We have Chosen our Partners Very Carefully.   

Each brings a Unique Expertise, but all Share a Common Passion to Maximize Community Health Transparency, Social and Environmental Accountability and Sustainable Operational Performance.



David.MacLean@McMacCx.net | www.linkedin.com/in/david-maclean-54379914

Our commitment to healthy communities challenges us to apply all of our knowledge and skills every day, as we team with others, for a future where everyone can live, learn, work and play in buildings that are healthy, efficient and prosperous.

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