Leading innovative developers, designers and contractors are becoming increasingly more competent at implementing proven off-the-shelf solutions that exceed minimum code requirements, at little or no additional cost.  These same leaders are using above-minimum-code voluntary ratings systems to provide audited and verified performance that link sustainability and financial performance outcomes.

McMac Commissioning Services, LLC. (McMac Cx) was formed in 2017 to address the growing recognition that, within the built environment, human community health cannot be decoupled from energy and water performance.  Readily deployable third-party auditing and performance verification must be developed and applied if we are to create a transparent verifiable healthy community, in which to live, work, play, worship and learn.

Who We Are

McMac Commissioning Services, LLC. (McMac Cx) is located in Houston, Texas. We provide scalable third party independent auditing of performance expectations in the built environment.  Our clients trust us to verify and document their expected outcomes.  We accomplish this through fielding proven processes and technologies by certified professionals committed to collaboration and success.

We carry the most current Commissioning Credentials, LEED Accredited Professional designation status and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) certification.

Our Aspirations

McMac Cx collaborates with industry and public organizations to highlight the value of healthy sustainable building design, including the voluntary Rating Systems and the Independent Verification that the Commissioning Process achieves.  We advocate for legislation that moves the built environment towards a mandatory higher Standard of Care, while also advocating for the use of nationally recognized voluntary above-minimum-code certifications, as a means of qualifying leaders and innovators creating sustainable and healthy communities.

It is our intention to work within the local community, utilizing formal and informal Partnership Agreements to bring the best value / talent-fit for our clients.  We strive to bring innovative and timely solutions to our clients so that they might continue their leadership advantage.

It is our goal to be a certified B-Corporation (https://www.bcorporation.net) by December 2019.   B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

At McMac Cx we actively engage in positive contributions with our local community.  Professionally, we commit ten (10%) percent of our efforts to the support of non-profit and industry organizations focused on creating a built environment with community wellness as their core value.